Tech Talks – 2nd Day

11:00:00 – Zooz

The new era for payments

Lecturer: Ronen Morecki, Co Founder & CTO

Talk Description: From IDC graduate to a tech entrepreneur – in 20 min!



The innovation in communication networks

Lecturer: Gadi Solomon, Head of Product Management

Talk Description: SDN NFV – תכירו את החדשנות בעולם תקשורת הנתונים


15:00:00 – Facebook

connecting the 2 thirds of the world that aren’t connected yet to the internet.

Lecturer: Dekel Naar, Engineer in the team

Talk Description: Creating great mobile applications and connecting the 2 thirds of the world that aren’t connected yet to the internet.


16:00:00 – Mellanox

Innovation in Data Center & Networking Technologies

Lecturer: Elad Raz, Director of Software

Talk Description: RDMA technology and Peta-scale Data centers RDMA is a new player in the world of networking. It’s enable fast CPU offload networking which enable big data-centers such as Facebook, Amazon, Azure and Google


17:00:00 – Fiverr

A lecture on A/B Testing / My lecture on A/B testing.

Lecturer: Yael Shamir, BE web developer

Talk Description: Making the most impact, while taking the minimum risk.

This tech talk will be introducing one of the most powerful tools used for making decisions in the web industry, and in the business world in general – A/B testing.

Either if you feel like the title doesn’t make sense, or if you get the tweak behind it – Come and test for yourself.


18:00:00 – IronSource

Why almost any day is a Hackathon at ironSource

Lecturer: Shimon Tolts, R&D Manager of the Infrastructure Department.

Talk Description: We will discuss how we handle development at ironSource, where we are always building more and more services and we use small iterations and a distributed system approach.