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    The companion for your bike. ike is an electronic protective gear that helps the city cyclist stay safe while riding.

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    Jet Cat

    Jet Cat is a fun, entertaining, voice controlled game. The goal of the game is to reach as far as you can go!

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    On The Fly

    Have a long connecting flight layover? OnTheFly helps people stuck at the airport to connect, hangout & pass time together

  • logo (3)


    Ayeka is a new way to get instant assistance by connecting others near you

  • sindbad


    Sindbad is a virtual travel agent that can suggest to user the best trip plan that fit his interests and also his budget

  • shoplylogo


    Helps you find the product you are looking for inside a shop, and get the best route to get all your shopping list

  • Eye_250X250


    CoachEye is a real time video game collaboration tool that allows one person to visually instruct others.

  • glove


    We developed a glove that can connect to every device that has Bluetooth and controls it by simple gestures.

  • flashbook


    Our computer run algorithm lets you buy airline tickets when ticket prices suddenly drop without notice for microseconds

  • watcher


    Watcher will know if something bad happen to you even if you don't know by few sensors and satellite connection

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    Application for blind people which scanning a product, reads the expiry date and says it to the user.

  • cook


    iCook is a social network to share recipes between people

  • createlog


    Secured social network for people with ideas and no resources, or people with resources but no ideas.

  • pebble


    A Pebble application that allows to remote control a computer from the watch.

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    Automatic utilities for lecture recording including online lecturer command & control.

  • studit_icon_round


    A smart, contextual app for students that shows the information you need right when you need it.

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    RightAway is a simple and easy-to-use website for students' rights.

  • AVO-Logo


    AVO is a smart search engine, that helps users search through hundreds of thousands of jobs published on social networks