Helps you find the product you are looking for inside a shop, and get the best route to get all your shopping list

Our purpose is to save you time, as time is money. Ever happened to spend a lot of time on just finding the product you came to buy? We got you covered! With our tool we can map every shop easily and quickly, and at the same time be the “waze” of shopping inside a specific shop.

The product is good for businesses:
– Knowing users location can show location based advertising [inside the shop!]
– All the data collected by our app can give a lot of info on users habits.
– Info on the users route can help the shop “manipulate” the route of users inside the shop (by placing products on common routes).

Also good for users:
We save you a lot of time!
– With a simple drag and drop website every shop can be mapped. Just drag a shelf and its components.
– To find where the user is located, we don’t need expensive hardware – just put a beacon on every shelf.
– A beautiful android app makes it easy to see the shops map, location of product and the best route for a users shopping list.

[The product was tested on real shops].