RightAway is a simple and easy-to-use website for students' rights.

It is almost impossible to find out today which rights you deserve as an Israeli citizen. The existing solutions do not solve the main problem – no one tells you what you deserve. If you know that you deserve a certain right you can find information about it, but if you don’t know that you even deserve it – no one will tell you.

We designed a question based search engine that finds rights that a person deserves based on his answers. This ensures that even if you don’t know you deserve a certain right, we can tell you that you do.
we made a database that contains a “json” object for any right (entity). The objects compare to the user object and if there is a relation of full participation than the right is given to the user.
The right information contains: explanation about the right, value (what the user should get), what the user should do (who you need to address and how), a reminder option (via email)