A Pebble application that allows to remote control a computer from the watch.

PowerPebble is currently split into two main parts:

Macro control: The user can define macro profiles on the computer which consist of a series of actions such as opening files, clicking on the screen and typing text.
In each macro profile, the user can assign key presses on the watch to specific macros. (key presses consist of single clicks, double clicks, and long clicks)

Media mode: Control of media on a PC from the watch – music, video and pictures, with mixed playlists, volume, fullscreen and more.
Example uses: Media control, slide switching, “I’m busy” messages on skype for example, and send template email messages.

The long term plan is to allow developers to incorporate their API’s as basic building blocks for macros, with which users can define their actions.

For example: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter API’s to do specific actions in their services.
With Facebook’s or Twitter’s API, one could open a post feed with a click, scroll with another, and share/like with the third.