The companion for your bike. ike is an electronic protective gear that helps the city cyclist stay safe while riding.

Safety is very important, and it should not be an issue for those who choose the best way to get around in the city – bicycle.
In order to improve the safety of city riders, we invented “ike”.

ike consists of two elements – a unit attached to the rear of the bicycle and a Pebble app.
It keeps the rider safe by doing three things:
– Direction signalling triggered by simple hand gestures
– “Virtual companion” that allows the rider to be protected when he rides alone. If ike detects a sudden impact, it asks the rider whether he is OK. If the rider calls for help or does not answer, a text message is sent to a defined number. The message contains a map that shows the current location of him and the route that got him there.
– “Eyes in the back” that looks for object getting too close from behind. If anyone threatens to collide with the bike from the rear, ike flashes in order to get their attention and vibrates in order to warn the rider.