Secured social network for people with ideas and no resources, or people with resources but no ideas.

Create is a secured social network for documenting and producing ideas. Secured because we provide you, a creative person, who keep imagining new things she/he needs, with two systems, so no one can steal your ideas – the first is different permissions to viewers – your friends can see the full idea description, but strangers can only see one liner – who does not have financial value. The second is template contracts we suggest you, so if someone wants to join you, you can feel free to start working together without worrying to future disagreements.

Create is the perfect place for people who need to build something, for school, contest, or self learning, and have no idea. With Create those people can produce something someone else needs, and connect to people who are passionate about creating it. Create also have an inner encouragement system, to help people with a lot of ideas to focus on the most interesting ones, and to display the most popular ideas for the viewers, first.