Prizes & Challenges

View Amadeus’s API
Amadeus API is a set of easy-to-use APIs to access content, Amadeus content can be integrated with any platform, like social network, Virtual reality, Geolocation.
Here some samples from the API: Hotel Geographical Search by Circle, Train Schedule Search, Car Rental Search by Airport, Location Information, Nearest Relevant Rail station by latitude & longitude.

* Special API Usage Challenge *
1) Apple iPhone 6 – A select individual, who best uses Amadeus’s API, will win a brand new Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked
2) Flight to France – A select individual, who best uses Amadeus’s API, will win a trip for two to France including flight and board
View Overwolfs’s API
Overwolf’s API allows you to display overlay tools on top of all the popular PC Games, get and send information to the game engine thus creating amazing in-game apps that change the way PC gamers play.
Among the apps created by the developer’s community you can find timers for LoL and Dota2 to help junglers succeed, LoL extended summoner stats, Minecraft recipe app, GW2 Markers to help you locate your friends in Guild Wars 2 and much more.

* Special API Usage Challenge *
Gaming Headset – One lucky team, who best uses Overwolf’s API, will win a Gaming Rig Audio Headset by Plantronics for the whole team

View AOL’s API
Video sections is an embeddable responsive video showroom. Video section enables partners to easily show case videos by creating an instant video page on their website or app. It features a collection of video sliders assembled by playlists and provides a rich engaging video experience designed and crafted to engage users to explore and view more videos.


View Zooz’s API

eComm API:
This API handles the entire payment process for merchants – automatically routing their transactions to selected acquirers, storing and tokenizing credit card data for easy one-click payments, and more.
Get Taxi – a case study: This API allows Get Taxi to build a complete white-label solution for onboarding merchants and their payment processing accounts.

* Special API Usage Challenge *
RF Drones – One of the teams that uses SDK’s from Zooz official SDK’s will win awesome drones!

View Facebook’s API

The Social network API


View RapidAPI’s API
The RapidAPI systems allows anyone to develop back ends for their apps.
You can create a database / connect to an existing one, and start building endpoints by dragging and dropping blocks – while each block does a function like sending a notification, storing something in a database, processing payment & more. Your backend will be live and running on our servers immediately and you will be able to access it from, your app / website with basic HTTP requests.


Redhat will award a prize to the best use of Arduino hardware.

* Hardware Prize *
The prize is a full Arduino course from XLN Academy for one of the team members.

Challenge: Develop an application to identify a wifi connection that is free & doesn’t need authorization/password (use case: when you have tens to choose from – and you don’t want to check each 1 by 1)

* Special Challenge *
Prize will be published soon!