HackIDC 2015

Can't believe it's over - see you next year!


HackIDC 2015 was amazing! We had 55 projects make it to the judging round. Out of those teams, 11 projects made it to the finals. The projects came from all shapes and sizes and many involved hardware & software together. Here is a partial list of the projects created at HackIDC 2015:






This event will be hosted at IDC Campus in Herzliya. The event will be held at the new Psychology building. Directions and parking arrangements will announcements prior to the event.



This year’s event will occur on April 7th – 9th, 2015. The event will start on Tuesday, April 7th, at 09:00 and run until Thursday, April 9th at 14:00. A more detailed agenda is published below:



Registration to the event is open to any full time / part-time student in any official academic institution. Registration period will close March 16th, 23:59 with results being sent no later than March 24th, 2015.



All applications will be individually reviewed based on relevant skills needed. HackIDC will accept the top 250 students, coming mainly from programming, engineering and design backgrounds.



HackIDC will offer winning teams very interesting prizes this year, worth over 45,000 NIS. More information on the exact prizes in the sections below



This year’s HackIDC will not be themed around any subject. Participants will receive complete creative freedom on selecting their project idea, to allow their projects go as far as their imagination goes.


Day One – April 7th

Time Event
08:30 Signup + Team Building
10:30 Opening Ceremony
11:30 Hacking Starts!
12:00 OverWolf API Session
13:00 Amadeus API Session
13:30 Lunch
15:30 Zooz API Session
16:30 AOL API Session
19:00 AOL TechTalk
20:30 RapidAPI TechTalk
21:00 Dinner
21:00 Overwolf TechTalk
22:00 Red Hat TechTalk
23:30 Late-Evening Meal

Day Two – April 8th

Time Event
—- Midnight Snack
09:00 Crossfit
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Zooz TechTalk
12:00 ConteXtream TechTalk
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Facebook TechTalk
16:00 Mellanox TechTalk
17:00 Fiverr TechTalk
18:00 IronSource Tech Talk
18:00 Crossfit
19:00 Dinner

Day Three – April 9th

Time Event
—- Midnight Snack
07:00 Hacking Ends
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Judging (1st Round)
11:00 Finals + Closing Ceremony



2nd Place
7,000 ₪


1st Place
15,000 ₪


3rd Place
3,000 ₪

Extra Prizes:


Global Hackathon Seoul

Free flight and attendance for the whole team to GHS this summer in Seoul, South Korea.


Pebble SmartWatch

Select individuals will win an awesome smart watch, sponsored by Pebble SmartWatches


Apple iPhone 6

A select individual, who best uses Amadeus’s API, will win a brand new Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked


Flight to France

A select individual, who best uses Amadeus’s API, will win a trip for two to France including flight and board


Gaming Headset

One lucky team, who best uses Overwolf’s API, will win a Gaming Rig Audio Headset by Plantronics for the whole team


Arduino Course

A select individual, who best uses an Arduino computer board, will win a FREE Arduino course at XLN in Tel-Aviv



What is HackIDC?

HackIDC is the first national students hackathon in Israel. It is the biggest hackathon in Israel and it is run by students from the IDC. Hackathon is an event that brings together software\hardware\design enthusiasts to create new and innovative applications or services from scratch in 48 hours. It is the ultimate fun + professional experience.

Do I need to pay for HackIDC ?

Nope, It’s totally free! We’ll also take care of provide you with a the best food available, a lot of swag and a place to sleep when you need a break from coding.

Who can register?

If you are an active student (e.g. have a student ID) in any academic institute in Israel or abroad, feel free to register ! Most participants should come with some background knowledge of programming/hardware/graphic design to make sure they can contribute to the event. You are still encouraged to register if you are not from these fields but believe you are relevant.

What can I win?

We have many prizes, some are financial give away, some are different and unique. We have a variety of gifts and prizes to give away.

When is HackIDC?

This year’s event will occur on April 7th – 9th, 2015. The event will start on Tuesday, April 7th, at 09:00 and run until Thursday, April 9th at 14:00.

What should I bring?

All the students have to present their student ID at the start of the event. Besides that, bring your computer and screen. Electric outlets will be available in all of the hacking areas but we still recommend bringing extending cables and power splitters for your convenience. You can also bring a sleeping bag.

What am I expected to build in 48 hours?

48 hours isn’t much, but surely enough to bring something to life. You are expected to finish a first version of your product within that time. This can be a demo, POC or beta version. But it must work and must be finished in time.

Who are the judges?

The judges of HackIDC are current being determined. An official notice will be given once the list is final.

Any Questions left unanswered ?

Please feel free to contact us at contact@hackidc.com or via our facebook channel.


For the first time, HackIDC is operating a special mentorship program, designed especially for “first timer” programmers and those who want to participate in the hackathon, but need to further develop their developing skills.
What does it include? The program will include several special sessions with top developers from hi­tech companies that will teach participants about all the relevant technologies needed to succeed in hackathons. This includes special tips and “hacks” from their own personal experience. Part of the sessions will be workshops, including “hands­-on” practice to better prepare participants to be productive in the hackathon. In addition to all this, there will be mentors onsite during the hackathon to provide additional assistance just for our “beginner” hackers.




  • Matan Gidnian

  • Gal Sharir

  • Aviya Sela

  • Ofer Schreiber

  • Tomer Dean


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